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Original building of FLYNN'S arcade as seen in TRON (1982)

Category: Architecture,Linux   — Published by goeszen on February 7, 2016 at 11:46 pm

Any fan of Disney's 1982 movie TRON surely remembers Kevin Flynn's arcade, the hero's "real" world den. If you watch the movie closely you'll notice a street sign reading Watseka Ave. And guess what: the building is actually there, in real world Los Angeles. In Culver City, on the corner of Washington Blvd. and Watseka Avenue, Washington Blvd. 9543. The building is known as "The Hull Building", "built in 1925 by Dr. Foster Hull, it became Culver City's first hospital and later became a Culver City Historic Site." (via). The Culver City Historical Society also has older images depicting the building with the rooftop billboard, which is not there anymore, but was back in the 80s.

And with the help of Google Street View, you are able to visit it, the current tenants, the Akasha restaurant, even added an in-door tour.

FLYNNS arcade as it looks today

FLYNNS arcade as it looks today (via Google)

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